Gaming in miniature worlds

10 Years of Gaming in Miniature Worlds!

Welcome to our exclusive miniature wargame club, where we push painted toy soldiers, build battlefields and invent fictional worlds in order to escape reality for a while.
This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary. Stay tuned for plenty of quality content!

There is not a piece of constructive legislation in the
world, not a solitary attempt to meet a complicated
problem, that we do not now regard the more
charitably for our efforts to get a right result from
this apparently easy and puerile business of fighting
with tin soldiers on the floor.

H. G. Wells
A Gentlemanly Sport Exclusive Wargaming Club

Miniature Wargame Content

A Gentlemanly Sport Miniature Wargame Club: Fantasy

Looting frosty Felstad

A Gentlemanly Sport Miniature Wargame Club: Sports

Racing in toxic wastelands

A Gentlemanly Sport Miniature Wargame Club: Historical

Exploring ancient history

A Gentlemanly Sport Miniature Wargame Club: Science-Fiction

Fighting in distant galaxies

Wargame battle reports

At our miniature wargame club we focus mainly on the gaming aspects of our hobby of waging miniature wars on a tabletop.

Building & Painting

Read our wargame terrain and miniature painting tutorials. Consider them as an idea dump or a personal recipe collection.

Fluff, history & campaigns

All of our games tell a story. History, place and stories, real or fictional, play crucial roles in enjoying our miniature tabletop battles.

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