Hobby Shortcut: Reposing miniatures

Reposing your awkward looking miniatures is easy and fun, and I’ll show you how to I usually do it.

I’ll use a BATTLETECH Dragon miniature for demonstration purposes.

Before doing any cuts on your precious mini, first have a look at all the possible joints, like on these wooden mannequins for artists.

Also, try to find some cool looking pictures of similar characters in a pose that you’re aiming to achieve. I wanted mine in some kind of running and shooting with both arms kind of pose.

Illustration from Inner Sphere at a Glance. Source: sarna.net

Depending on the material your miniature is made of, different cutting tools will be required. In the case of my miniature, a sharp craft knife is the right tool. Metal, resin, and plastic minis are better cut with a dedicated fine hobby saw.

Once you have decided on the joints, start cutting. It goes without saying to be extra careful when doing so to avoid injuries!

To mark the cut pieces that go together, mark them with differently colored pens.

Now, it’s time to drill and pin your pieces at the joints. I use a fine hobby drill and cheap wire, which I glue into the hole using super glue.

Then, it’s just a matter of assembling the pieces at the wire connections using a small drop of superglue. Using DIY superglue accelerator helps speed up the process.

Next, I fill the gaps using an epoxy clay like Miliput, Green Stuff, or any other air hardening clay. I try to sculpt the gaps to blend the pieces together and create a smooth transition between them.

After adding wire antenas to my BATTLETECH miniatures and pinning it to its base, you can call it done!

Reposing BATTLETECH miniatures
A coat of grey primer later.

And, here is some other reposing work I did on some BATTLETECH miniatures.

That’s how I approach reposing my miniatures. Maybe you do it differently. Feel free to comment. I’d love to know it.

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