An exclusive wargaming club

A Gentlemanly Sport is a group of like-minded people from the fair and wondrous Grand-duchy of Luxembourg. We share a passion for waging wars in miniature worlds, fine beverages and have the desire to escape the mundane into fantasy worlds or to travel through time, from a long gone past to a future that might be.

While 4th edition Warhammer Fantasy was our introduction into the wargaming, we diversified our game repertoire over the years and try to cover both mainstream and niche wargames.

When we do not wear the mantle of an armchair-general, we wield the power of the gods and shape the worlds we game in during regular crafting sessions.
The occasional role playing game as well as social events and cultural excursions round off our activities.

Though adult life may disrupt a regular gaming schedule, we try to stay motivated and active in our hobby. And once we manage to meet, we fight glorious battle and discuss our great exploits over a glass of aforementioned fine beverage.

Above all, we want to have fun and enjoy our hobby.
This is our club.

This is how we play!
Nigel Stillman, one of the great wargame creators from our younger days.

The Committee


El Presidente

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The Chamberlain

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Our Mission

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Games we play

Patrons (Club Saints)

Marco Aleksandrovic Ramius
General Chang (Klingon military officer and chief of staff to Gorkon, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council in 2293)
Sylvain Duriff (the Cosmic Christ)
skekSil (Chamberlain of the Skeksis)

Club Anthem

The Warhammer: Dark Omen was one of the games we played for endless hours back in the 90s. Initially, we used its iconic soundtrack as a joke, but soon, it became our go-to-music while playing fantasy wargames.

Our most listened to gaming soundtrack. Also, for us, there’s a nostalgia factor to it.