An exclusive wargaming club

A Gentlemanly Sport is an exclusive wargaming club founded by fine gentlemen with a passion for waging wars in miniature worlds.

Being serious adults we mainly love waging wars with tiny soldiers while enjoying fine alcoholic beverages just to escape adulthood for a while and free ourselves from social and diplomatic constraints. The occasional role playing game as well as social events and cultural excursions round off our activities.

This is our club.

Welcome to a gentlemanly sport!

This is how we play! Amèm!

Games we play

Patrons (Club Saints)

Marco Aleksandrovic Ramius
General Chang (Klingon military officer and chief of staff to Gorkon, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council in 2293)
Sylvain Duriff (the Cosmic Christ)
skekSil (Chamberlain of the Skeksis)

Club Anthem

Our most listened to gaming soundtrack. Also, for us, there’s a nostalgia factor to it.