Team NilboG vs. Myazaki

We played a 50 cans game of Gaslands Slime vs. Myazaki on a 3 x 3 feet desert map. We used the standard Death Race rules this time around. David even built great looking custom gate markers out of styro-foam for this game.

I, Eric of Team NilboG ( Slime) came with 1 car and 1 performance car and David of Myazaki arrived with 2 performance cars at the starting line.

We set up our car as per the standard rules, distributed the pole position marker and with that we were ready to race the Wastelands once more!

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Gaslands Slime vs. Myazaki

Two very different mods of the same Italian sports car brand in a head-to-head race.

Gaslands Slime vs. Myazaki

We engaged in a hot pursuit.

Gaslands Slime vs. Myazaki

My Ferrari Testa-rosa (the pink head in the back) closely following David’s tuned Myazaki Ferrari around a tight bend.

Gaslands Slime vs. Myazaki

The two Myazaki performance cars are wrecked! Victory for Team NilboG! My Fort Ashcourt and my Testa-Rosa performed well again.

That was just a short photo battle report of Gaslands Slime vs. Myazaki.. I hope you liked it.

Gaslands is just a great fun game. It works really smoothly, keeps you engaged and offers a whole new world of crafting! Checkt out our Gaslands car modding tutorial for absolute beginners.

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