Army showcase: Orktober Special

Kings of War Orc army

In this final post for this year’s month of orktober, I present you one of my oldest armies: the Orcs for Kings of War, a fantasy rank and file mass battle game system by Mantic Games.

This army consists of miniatures from different manufacturers and different time periods ranging from 1996 until today. That’s 26 years of orcy madness!

The Plains of Doom, Orc land

Some years ago, David and I developed a campaign world , basically a snapshot of Mantica, the Kings of War setting. We selected a small square of land of that said setting map and sketched a map of our own regions. Thereafter we invented new regions, new cities, rivers, forests, mountains, plains, castles, and other points of interest.

Map of the Plains of Doom, setting of Kings of War
Excerpt from our homebrew campaign world for Fantasy gaming

My orcs come from savage nomadic tribes in the Plains of Doom. There they mine the land for sulfur and ore. Hence there are plenty of temporary mining camps on the plains and at the foot of the Howling Peaks. Since they exploited already a vast stretch of land, the mining operations tend to be ever closer to the neighboring regions. Thus conflicts are common on the border regions between the Plains of Doom and the more civilized world where the Yellow Water, a heavily polluted river, flows into the Braknar. Take the Darkwood for instance. Nomadic orc border towns are spreading further into the forested regions of these huge primeval forests, where beings much older, than men, elves, dwarves and orcs dwell…

Finally in the north, beyond the borders of the orc land lies the Dark Rift, a dead land, where the undead rule. East of a vast stretch of dead forests, looms the Bone Spire. There, Sylvanus of the Great Rift and his undead hordes are pushing south and west to reap more soldiers for their ever-growing host of skeletons, zombies, wraiths, ghouls and other creatures far stranger.

Da Big Boss

Without doubt the unmistaken ruler of the Plains of Doom is Da Big Boss Volgor Skullhunta, the Cruel. He resides in his opulent palace in the citadel of Hammerfall in the Howling Peaks, south of the Dark Rift. Occasionally he’s seen close to the battle fields and is sometimes even involved in the heat of the melee. Furthermore he’s always in the company of an unknown female orc, her name or purpose is unknown to the World…

General the orcs in for Kings of War
Da Big Boss Volgor Skullhunter the Cruel and the mysterious orc woman.
(Andrea World and Brother Vinni)

The Big Boss is assisted by Ulag, the Krudger and Orko Yellow Eye, a mushroom eating shaman. The green wave has a banner of course: the Black Banner!

Banner for orc army in Kings of War
The Black Banner
(DIY build)

Da Bossez

United under the Black Banner, and under the watchful eyes of Da Big Boss, Ulag, the Krudger leads his green horde to battle. When he’s not on war duty, he’s spending his time as Boss in Ognar, watching over his garrison. orcs, especially young ones, need to be ruled under a strict and oppressive regime to avoid mutiny and them killing, and sometimes eating, each other!

Orc Krudger for Kings of War
Ulag, the orc Krudger
(Reaper Bones)

Similarly Orko Yellow Eye Always High, has his own dark plans of one day being in charge of his own clan. With his shamanic dark rituals he supports, in the mean time, his superior, which he considers Da Big Boss, not so much Ulag…

Orc Shaman for Kings of War
Orko Yellow Eye Always High
(Mountain Gremlin Games, sculpt by legendary Kev Adams)

Da Big Monsta

The orcs managed to “tame” a giant from the nearby hills.

Hill Giant
(Reaper Miniatures)

Da Unitz , the core of my Kings of War army

Finally let’s have a look at the core units of the tribe.

Da Gobbos

Sometimes the orcs are joined by local goblin tribes. They can be quite numerous even at times. Goblin bowmen, called spitters, are especially well regarded amongst warring orc tribes, as orc bowmen are often pretty lame.

I will showcase my Goblin army at a later stage, since it’s still not finished, even though it’s my first and oldest army (from 1995). I’m currently working on that same army for our Warhammer 4th edition “Battle for Maughthrond Pass” passion project.

Waaagh!!! Kings of War Orcs

And here are orcs for Kings of War on parade in all their glory!

Kings of War Orcs
group shot

And that also concludes Orktober 2022.

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