Hobby Shortcut: DIY super glue accelerator

Did you ever wanted to make your own DIY super glue accelerator? Weird question. But I’ll show you how nonetheless. There are a lot of tutorials online, but I thought I share my experience.

You probably know that if you pour baking soda onto super glue it cures immediately forming a very strong bond.

You may also know that it often takes time for super glue to stick onto a surface. Except your fingers. There it always sticks immediately. And that brings me to the topic of this third hobby shortcut.

You see, super glue needs a bit of moisture to cure. That moisture is present on your fingertips. Paired with the “rough” surface of your finger prints, it so happens that while glueing and holding your bits together, those rather stick to your fingers, than onto each other.

Making your own DIY super glue accelerator

Therefore you can use super glue accelerator. I couldn’t find any in stores and online it was too expensive. Thus I thought, why not make your own. Knowing the two ingredients for making super glue instantly bond, i.e. baking and soda and moisture, I mixed a very small amount of baking soda (a good pinch in my case) in a small spray bottle of distilled water. I gave the concoction a good shake and gave it a try on fresh super glue. And lo and behold: it works! Very nicely in fact.

DIY super glue accelerator
DIY super glue accelerator

So with minimum effort and money you can mix your own home made DIY super glue accelerator. Just apply the glue on your pieces and mist it with one burst of your solution. It cures immediately. Make sure to brace the pieces temporarily before applying the super glue accelerator.

I don’t know how long it will last, but then again it’s dead simple to just mix up a new batch.

Happy glueing everybody!