Kill ’em All – A Space Weirdos 3-Player game on Planet Cognac

It’s time for Weirdos in Space again and this time we go multiplayer!

To keep it simple we played a 3 player Kill ’em All scenario between Mara’s Space Goblins, David’s Robots and my Rebels.


We set up the 90 x 90 cm desert mat using David’s new arsenal of Science-Fiction terrain. There was enough line of sight blocking terrain and pieces to interact with. David and I deployed on one opposite corner and Mara on the middle edge of the opposite site.

At the start of the game, each player moved it’s maximum speed towards the center to bring every miniature into position, mainly behind cover.

Once in position, our units started shooting at each other. Especially Mara’s Goblins were quite aggressive since turn 1. Once within one movement stick from the enemy they started shooting point blank at the Rebels and the Robots.

Zort, my sniper teleported on top of a building to snipe away at everything moving below. But not for long. David’s close combat robot Gor-1-LA unexpectedly climbed up on the other side of the structure. Being within one stick of the robot, Zort‘s Stealth cloak was utterly useless. Gor-1-LA’s deadly claws were on him, before he could even think of running away. What followed was a series of down, down and staggered, recover, stand up, down, down and staggered, etc. …


During the 2nd and the 3rd rounds there were plenty of small skirmishes all over the battle field.

Space Weirdos Multiplayer

Then, there was Blue, the charming lady in blue and leader of the Robots, using Mind Control on Marl Boro, who turned twice against his friends. First he threw a grenade at Max Power and Bubble Gum. Fortunately it failed to detonate. But that was the only grenade gone, which he so desperately wanted to throw at the approaching Goblins. During the following turn, he was trying to attack his superior. Luckily for Max Power, the shot missed. Later back on board their landing craft, Max Power was obliged to apply some disciplinary measures … .

Especially at my table edge, Mara’s Goblins were closing in on Bubble Gum. Using their crappy pistols within one movement stick of Bubble Gum, she had no chance of surviving the constant firing.

In addition to that two of my soldiers, Ra and ED-209, the droid, were slowly moving towards the green container. Ra desperately tried to teleport behind David’s Gor-1-LA, but missed every Willpower roll. Unsurprisingly she proved useless the whole game.

Space Weirdos Multiplayer

Even though Mara’s Goblins suffered heavy losses as well (they were 10 to start with), they still went completely berserk and attacked everything made out of Rebel flesh and metal.

David’s Captain Ierps managed to make a clean kill. Once Goblins were shot at, there was hardly any escape for them. Rolling 2D6 for defense undeniably doesn’t really help with survival.

Space Weirdos Multiplayer

The last round

In the last round, David’s Rolling Nugget (the yellow fellow in the image below), managed to cast telekinesis and levitate the green container between the robots and the Rebels. As a final action, ED-209 climbed on top of the container and shot his auto cannon thrice at the Rolling Nugget, sending it to Robo-Heaven.

Space Weirdos Multiplayer

In the end of our Space Weirdos Multiplayer game, Mara’s Space Goblins won the game, followed by David’s robots and my Rebels.

PlayerWarbandVictory Points
MaraSpace Goblins88

Once more we had great fun playing Space Weirdos. We highly recommend giving this game a go. It’s an elegant and very short set of science-fiction skirmish rules. Surprisingly it manages to cover every situation during game play. You’ll find the rules as PDF over at Wargame Vault.

This game was sponsored by Cognac.

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