Speed and Contrast Paints Test Dummies

Hobby Shortcut: Speed and Contrast Paint Test Dummies

I have recently started using The Army Painter Speed Paints 2.0, I came across a simple solution to a minor issue I was facing using them: How do you test your Speed and Contrast paints before putting them on your miniature, knowing that changing these speed colors means applying a new layer of primer?

The answer was lying right next to my painting area: primed (3D-printed) miniatures, that you don’t care to use. The more textures your miniatures have, like clothes, robes, armor, skin, fur, etc., the better.

Once you completely painted miniature, just choose a new one. Alternatively you might want to simply re-prime the whole thing again and start all over again.

You might as well have several miniatures with different textures and different primer colors on hand. For example you can have your typical space warriors and other with fur or robes.

Other hobbyists online use dry palettes instead. You can easily build one of your own. But I wanted to opt for the easiest solution I could come up with.

Consider these Speed and Contrast Paints Test Dummies as another tool in your miniature painting arsenal. Plus, it helps reducing your pile of shame. At least a little bit.