The Well of Dreams and Sorrows

Friday night we had a great 3 player game of Frostgrave with many out of game characters at the end. We randomly chose the “Well of Dreams and Sorrows” scenario from the core rulebook.

A ruined sacred place somewhere on the outskirts of Felstad.

The three war bands of the Illusionist, Elementalist and Necromancer were deployed in 3 extremities of the 3 x 3 gaming surface. The point of interest was the sacred Well of Dreams and Sorrows at the center of the board. It is said its holy water grants visions into the future. Of course our wizards were keen to know what adventures (scenarios) await them.

Deploying the 3 war bands

The Illusionists and Elementalist were Level 13, whereas the Necromancer war band was level 4. In Frostgrave you can always win a game, even if your war band is of a lower level. You’ll see how this one’s turning out. Plus it’s a great game if you’re going multiplayer mode.

Early in the game some undead creatures likes zombies and ghouls were attracted by our treasure hunters.

Captain Pritt trying to rush to the treasure at the end of the scaffolding. A huge mistake as it turned out.
First Blood! Captain Pritt is shot down by an enemy ranger… right into the eye

Captain Pritt was the first casualty in the game. That moment, the game turned in some kind of vengeance spree.

Fizban and Umberto Widerhall, the Illusionists drinking from the Well.

In the mean time Fizban the Illusionist and his apprentice teleported to the Well of Dreams and Sorrows to drink from its water and gain some glimpses into the (hopefully bright) future. They gained 50 and 30 XP respectively by doing so.

Great “marker” for the “Wall” spell.

The Elementalist Arthrose casts his signature spell Wall to block the Necromancer from reaching the well.

Later in the game some ice spiders left the dark woods nearby to prey on the soldiers.

Ouch! That hit hard on la cabeza! Using the chrono-spell Crumble, the necromancer topples a pillar right onto his opponent.
Timothé, the candle making ork and his companion Sir Naith emerging from the spider infested woods.

Then the Necromancer cast “Crumble” on a ruined column hitting the Elementalist apprentice and thus dealing him quite the damage.

Taking revenge on the Elementalist’s captain!

Glomb! the Illusionist’s Barbarian approached invisibly his enemies just to slaughter them in his rage! In the process he managed to take down the Captain and the Wizard of the Elementalists.

And taking out Arthrose the Elementalist in the process.

Then after the killing was done the Illusionist “Transposed” a wraith with Glomb! leaving the heavily wounded Elementalist apprentice and his soldiers with the wraith.

The Necromancer managed to “Control Undead” the haunting wraith and add it to her war band.

As a final showdown the controlled wraith took on a summoned Illusionist “Imp”. Both rolled a critical hit each. The imp, being short of 1 point, was sent to its ethereal plane of existence.

Thus ended another nerve wrecking game of Frostgrave!

Experience wise the Necromancer won the game, followed by the Illusionist and the Elementalist. Also the last two had lots of casualties to book, whereas the first had none!

All 3 war bands gained 2 levels as following:

War bandBeforeAfterRank
NecromancerLevel 4Level 61
IllusionistLevel 13Level 152
ElementalistLevel 13Level 153

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