Battletech A Game of Armoured Combat

Review: Battletech – A Game of Armoured Combat

Last Sunday after playing Kings of War Historical and Lion Rampant, we tested Battletech A Game of Armoured Combat.

A while ago, we played Battletech using the two mechs from the Beginner Box I bought when it came out. We used the Quick Start Rules out of the box. It covers mainly basic movement and shooting. I quite like this version of the game, as it can be played right out of the box. In my opinion it’s very well suited for beginners or simply as a board game.

A Game of Armoured Combat

In October David purchased A Game of Armoured Combat at the Spiel 2022 in Essen. This is where we also saw an amazing magnetic playing field and magnetized terrain showcased and used by Mechforce Germany. Ideas and projects are taking shape in my head … .

Battletech A Game of Armoured Combat
Magnetized modular gaming table by Mechforce Germany seen at SPIEL 2022 in Essen.

So we played a quick Battletech game using one medium mech each from the Game of Armoured Combat box. The basic rules and some advanced rules were swirling around somewhere inside my memory. To my astonishment I could mostly remember them. Stuff I read in the past in the rulebook from my Battletech Introductory Box Set was there again!


The rules are certainly complex, but definitely not difficult. You roll everything on 2D6 vs. a base value plus modifiers. You have to roll equal or higher. Values above 12 are impossible actions.

I like the tactical side of the game, especially movement, LOS, shooting and a very fun concept called heat! In addition to that the hex fields on small paper floor mats do have something very board game or even wargame like. Finally the Mech Record Sheet gives me that RPG vibe with a healthy amount of resource management.

In the end I think it’s a relaxing game. You can really focus on moving your mech across the 2D landscape and trying to outgun your opponent.