Saturday night drunk driving

Gaslands Capture the Flag scenario

We’re back in the Wasteland, formerly known as Planet Earth, to capture the flag in a game of Gaslands!

Last Saturday we took the cars out of the garage and drove out to the Wasteland to capture two flags or cans of water and ammo to be precise. We decided to play the Capture the Flag scenario from the Gaslands Refuelled book.

The Gaslands Teams

We decided to field 50 cans worth of cars each.


We set up the racing track on a 6 x 4 desert gaming mat by Kraken Wargames. As usual we used some road sections, some gates and some scatter terrain ranging from tire piles, fences to buildings and rocks. The teams each deployed on opposite sides of the table. We then put the two flags or objective markers closer to the short edges of the table.

Gaslands Capture the flag scenario. Table setup.

As it’s tradition in our club, we first poured ourselves a glass of liquid goodness1 before starting our engines. After all nobody’s sober while driving around the Wasteland2.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Start your engines!

Team Nilbog got pole position and drove off first.

PINK DEATH! headed straight (through a pile of tires) to the next intersection to attack Jaz’Min with its 125 mm Tank cannon. Cpt. Hook and the buggy went left and right to intercept both Miyazaki cars.

Gaslands Capture the flag scenario

Team Miyazaki’s drivers both headed to the objectives.

The driver in PINK DEATH realizing that he can’t keep up with Jaz’Min’s performance car, decided to take a shortcut through a fenced off area. That fence, as well as the tires proved to be sturdier than you might think. By the time the pink limo crossed into the restricted area, it was already pretty wrecked…

The buggy reached the 1st objective marker before Jaz’Min, but touched the wrong template. Thus Miyazaki chose the hairpin for the buggy instead. After a slide he not only missed the objective marker but also bumped into Jaz’Min’s F40. She had an easy game grabbing it in the next gear phase. 1:0 for Team Miyazaki!

Cpature the flag in Gaslands

Meanwhile, a little off the center of the table, Luigi Fastadraiva captured the 2nd objective marker, but Cpt. Hook veered into his tracks and engaged in a hot pursuit.

Slime Gaslands Truck with grabber arm grabs Miyazaki performance car by the hook

With his grabber arm, Cpt. Hook managed to get Luigi “on the hook” and threw him onto a rock formation and thus damaging the Lambo and bringing it off course.

Wipe-outs and crashes

After racing through the fence, PINK DEATH started sliding into some spiky bits in the junk yard. The car had more hazard tokens than hull points left. Team Nilbog, being sponsored by Slime, got an audience vote for this (“Live Fast” perk). But since there were 6 or more tokens on the car, it was going to wipe out. Of course it failed and Miyazaki spun the limousine 180°.

Despite his general confusion, the buggy was still going strong and tried to maneuver back to action. Too late in the as it turned out in the end.

Capture the flag

After reversing, PINK DEATH! had a clear line of sigh to Jaz’Min in her F40. One perfect shot from the 125 mm cannon, and the F40 was wrecked, dropping its cargo. But the Lambo was very close already to capture that dropped objective marker. Cpt. Hook on the other hand tried to navigate his way out of the rock formations. He wouldn’t make it on time to capture Luigi Fastadraiva in his Lambo.

Just before PINK DEATH got to take aim for a shot with its mighty cannon, Luigi Fastadraiva was at the scene to capture the dropped objective marker and thus having captured two flags.

Victory for Team Miyazaki!

Gaslands Capture the flag scenario


The Nilbog/Slime trucks were simply out maneuvered by the much faster performance cars of Team Miyazaki. Also Team Nilbog/Slime had two audiences votes in the end and could have put 5 hazard tokens on an opposing car. But forgot to do so…

1 – Redbreast 12 Years, an excellent Irish Whiskey I got from my brother in law. Thanks for the sponsoring!
2 – Disclaimer: We are of course not encouraging drunk driving.

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