Today, on our weekly Motivation Thursday, we organized our trip to SPIEL in Essen this coming Saturday and planned some serious club business like our Christmas dinner as well as sponsoring our future club chicken (more on that later). Afterwards we had dinner (Thank you [insert wife’s name here]!) together. After these exhausting chores, we needed some gaming wellness. Instead of our usual tabletop battles, we battled it out in the arena of Gorechosen: Blood for the Blood God!

Praising the Blood God!

Gorechosen box.
Gorechosen, a short, easy and fun beer and pretzel boardgame.

It’s a very rules light and quick game. After all, it’s about two to four bloodthirsty warriors of Khorne killing each other in the most brutal way!

Two Khorne fighters battling for the Blood God.
The game all setup.

Gorechosen plays out on a small double sided arena board. Besides four very nicely done miniatures, it uses cards, tokens and dice.

Two Khorne fighters battling for the Blood God.
Two ravenous idiots punching each other to death.

The action cards allow for some grusome fighting in the tight hex fields arena. After being wounded, critical hits cards add further damage and mayhem to the warriors, making their wrath rise on the tracking field. Thus making them use more initiative cards allowing them to use more action cards per round.

Some critical injury cards are pretty gruesome. The Headshot critical injury card almost killed my Khorne warrior. I was only extremely lucky that David didn’t roll a six. But death was close…

Some actions later Heldrax Goretouched, my Warrior used up his last wound, thus sending his blood to the Blood God. Wait not yet!Once you have zero wounds left, you turn your character sheet and roll a D6. I rolled a 6, which granted me a last 2D6 bonus attack. Unfortunately I didn’t roll enough damage to drag his opponent with him to death. Thus in the end I lost the game.

Verdict of Gorechosen

All in all, Gorechosen is a very quick, easy and fun game for those moments when you don’t feel like moving a lot of miniatures, flipping through rulebooks or when you simply want to offer blood to the Blood God.

Furthermore we sparked the idea of building a proper miniature arena for custom made warriors/miniatures. Maybe a project for the future. Who knows?

Anyway, we had a great evening chatting, plotting, dining and gaming.

And don’t forget:

Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for His Skul Throne!

Khorne mantra

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