Jeunesse Altdorf – Battolange Rongeurs

Last Sunday afternoon we pitched Humans against Skaven in a game of Blood Bowl. We haven’t played it in a long time. That’s why we decided to dust off our Living Rule books (not actually living books) and David’s ancient pitch. He built it in the nineties with a friend. It really looks amazing with all the little detail I still keep discovering. A lot of work and love went into this build. And it really shows.

Günther, the Altdorf coach, is briefing his team

Kick Off

Jeunesse Altdorf (the Human team / myself), got to play first. We agreed to play one half time (or 7 rounds).

Humans against Skaven in Blood Bowl

The game started with quite some blocking and blitzing. Especially my Blitzers and my Ogre were doing a great job at this.

The Skaven coach and team manager tensely watching the game.

In the second round My Altdorf Boys scored the first touchdown of the game.

1:0 for Jeunesse Altdorf!

In the 4th round a Skaven lineman got knocked out by a Human Blitzer.

Humans against Skaven in Blood Bowl

Shortly after, my players hurt another Skaven lineman.

Humans against Skaven in Blood Bowl

Also, during that same round my team got the ball, …

… but, due to a clumsy player, lost it again to the nimble Skaven team.

Humans against Skaven in Blood Bowl

Then in the 6th round Henry the Hamster, after receiving a beautiful pass from Tiberius Deathdealer, scored a first touchdown for the Skaven.

1:1 for our furry sewer dwellers!

Time for the crowd of Skaven fans crowd to celebrate!

Humans against Skaven in Blood Bowl
Proudly sponsored … by beer.

We found that, in general, both sides had some serious trouble of staying in ball possession. That 25 years old red Squig leather ball was quite bouncy …

Last round

In the 7th round, my players had a chance (not an easy one though) to score a last touchdown for Jeunesse Altdorf. As I could see this coming, my player let the ball slip out of his hands (again), which bounced to the Skaven who eventually lost the ball as well. Unfortunately for David’s Skaven and luckily for me, it bounced out of the pitch. I guess our teams were already tired …

Humans against Skaven in Blood Bowl

At the end of the 7th round, we ended our match with a 1:1 for both teams.

Big thanks to David who was patient enough to teach me the mechanics of the game (yet again).

Jeunesse Altdorf (Humans)Battolange Rongeurs (Skaven)

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