Hammer & Anvil

Being stuck between two enemy forces is a challenge for even the most veteran of armies. The defenders must try to break out, whilst not fully giving up their position to the enemy, which comes crashing down on both sides.

One Page Rules Age of Fantasy – Hammer & Anvil

Hammer & Anvil, a One Page Rules scenario

After our undead battle, we immediately carried on with the next 1000 points One Page Rules Age of Fantasy battle, namely Havoc Warriors vs. High Elves using the Hammer & Anvil scenario.

In this One Page Rules scenario, there are no objectives to claim, but victory points are awarded for having units in the opponents deployment zones, of which there are three: one in the middle for the defender and two on both short edges of a 6 x 4 table. We received bonus points for eradicating the opponents most expensive unit and for decimating the enemy army to half or less of its units. The High elves turned out to be defender and the Havoc Warriors the attackers.

Havoc Warriors and High Elves deployment in the Hammer & Anvil scenario for One Page Rules Age of Fantasy.
The High Elves camping on top of a hill in the center and awaiting the Dark Tide of Havoc Warriors.

The Hammer and the Anvil

The Havoc Warriors attacked from both flanks with fast units like Havoc Knights, Havoc Hounds, a Beast Chariot and two Daemon Spawns ignoring difficult terrain. Thus the two armies were very quickly interlocked in melee combat!

Last elf standing. The toughest guy in the whole game!

In the last round of the Hammer & Anvil scenario, on a pretty empty battle field, the Havoc Master Sorcerer was able to kill that last elf standing, making this game of One Page Rules end in a draw. Again.

Hammer & Anvil scenario for One Page Rules Age of Fantasy ending in  a near wipe out.

In conclusion we quite enjoy playing One Page Rules with their scenarios available on their Patreon or at Wargame Vault.

In the end we spent a great Sunday afternoon playing One Page Rules Age of Fantasy. We also enjoyed David’s delicious spaghetti for dinner.

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