Hobby Shortcut: Portable paint kit

Whether you want to paint on your summer break or simply want to enjoy your hobby somewhere else, you need to be able to transport your essential paint kit in a compact and portable fashion.

So how do you take your hobby with you on travels? The answer is a portable paint kit.

Paint kit contents

  • case for essential oils as seen on TWS (paint dropper bottles fit in perfectly)
  • paints (in dropper bottles in my case)
  • wet palette (DIY) with spare wax paper sheets
  • brushes
  • painting handles
  • foldable silicon cup or any other container
  • silicon mat for protecting precious hotel furniture
  • beer capsules (I use them for washes)
  • miniature holder
  • light (mine has magnets on it)
  • my personal paint recipe journal
  • super glue
  • hobby knife
  • small box with your miniature(s) (Don’t take too many with you.)

Painting somewhere else

For the moments when you have that extra time during your vaccation stay or when the weather is simply not allowing that prolonged sun bathing at the beach, the painting kit comes in handy to keep your hobby going.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a hotel, appartment or even on a cruise or at a campsite or in your own garden. The kit can be used inside or outside. In warm and/or windy weather paint might dry quicker than indoors. So give the preference to a more shadowed and less windy area to setup your painting area. But if you use a wet palette this shouldn’t be a huge issue.

Whether you paint indoors or outside, the portable hobby kit doesn’t take up a lot of real estate. Whether it’s a small garden table or a indoor hotel desk, it fits everywhere.

So, a portable paint kit can be a bonus addition to your main holiday gear like your beach stuff or hiking material. Plus you can get some stuff painted.

That’s two gnolls less to paint for Frostgrave.

Sometimes though a break in your hobby time can also be beneficial. I personally couldn’t get that much hobby stuff done in the last months prior to my summer vacation, hence the idea of taking the hobby with me on vacation. I used it three times during my two weeks stay.

The main goal is to relax and enjoy your holidays wit our without your hobby gear.

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