Use the right tools for the right job.

Hive City Gangs: The Nomads – Part 2 – Build

In the second part of the series, I build the ten miniatures that came in a box of Necromunda Ash Waste Nomads. I recently bought them at a low price. I intend to use them as Nomads Hive City Gangs for One Page Rules Grimdark Future Firefight. Previously I explained my process of how I got the idea for this project, and in general for every wargaming project.

Use the right tools for to build my Ash Waste Nomads.
Use the right tools for the right job.

I used my custom list I generated for my Ash Waste Nomads as a guide of how to build the miniatures. There weren’t too many posing options right out of the box. When creating my list I inspired myself on the miniatures depicted on the cover image of that same box. That meant I had to build a Nomad Champion, some dude with a rocket launcher, one with a sniper rifle, three with standard rifles, two with pistols and one with a shotgun. I snipped off a part of a sniper rifle to make it look more shotgun like. I even drilled a tiny hole in the gun barrel.

Thus I knew in advance that it would be possible to build my Ash Waste Nomads to comply with my list. Furthermore I wouldn’t have to worry about not having an option for a certain miniature. I’m very WYSIWYG by the way. Good planning and a vision in advance is key here.

Build the Ash Waste Nomads

So I started assembling the miniatures. To be honest, it’s a process I generally don’t enjoy very much. Especially the mold line removal, which you don’t have to worry too much on newer Citadel miniatures. First I clipped out only the pieces I needed for each particular step. Then I removed the sprue attachement scars (let’s call them like this) with a sharp hobby knife. After that I assembled the generic bodies.

When all the main bodies were done, I assigned the corresponding weapon to each one. I then glued the heads on and as a final step I attached each miniature to its base.

And that's how I build the Ash Waste Nomads.
And that’s how I built all of my 10 Nomads for One Page Rules Grimdark Future Firefight.

Good planning in advance goes a long way when building your miniatures, be it single models, squads or large units.

In the third part of the series I’ll tinker about paint schemes and general atmospheres for my miniatures.

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