Hobby Shortcut: hobby desk protection

Recently, I stumbled upon a handy product to protect your hobby desk on the cheap: MÅLA paper rolls from IKEA. It turns out, amidst all the flat-pack furniture and Swedish meatballs, I actually found something unexpected and useful for our hobby!

How to protect your hobby desk on the cheap

Unsurprisingly, this remarkable solution empowers you to safeguard your sacred work space. Just cut yourself a length of paper to protect your hobby desk for cheap. This might come in handy not only for crafting but also for painting. Furthermore, not only adults and serious hobbyists will profit from this paper roll, but kids as well. After all, you’ll find the MÅLA product line in IKEA’s children section.

How to protect your hobby desk on the cheap

I immediately put it to good use during my jungle terrain crafting and my upcoming swamp terrain built. As you can see in the picture above, all that mess would have been on my work bench, had I not used this useful product.

Alternatively, you could of course use old newspaper (a dying product), cardboard or even wallpaper from the roll.

So, if you ever find yourself searching for a hidden treasure amidst the maze-like aisles of IKEA, be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Who knows what other practical wonders await your discovery? Happy hunting!

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