Space Weirdos rulebook on the gaming table.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

For this 125 points game of Space Weirdos we came up with a scenario idea, loosely based on a famous movie where aliens hunt and fight marines in a dense tropical jungle. You can buy this fun and easy to learn game at Wargame Vault.

Black Org.’s human warband’s goal was to seize 3 objectives on the board, each worth 2 victory points. Unaware of the alien threat Black Org. set out to claim their 3 objectives at a field generator facility deep in the jungle of Tropica IV. The Alien’s agenda however was a completely different one: hunt for sport! Every killed (out of game) marine was worth 1 point. There were 6 humans in total. We limited the scenario to 4 rounds. The player with the most victory points wins this game of Space Weirdos.

And so, the fight begins.

Space Weirdos jungle fight

After 4 round, Black Org. seized all 3 objectives (6 victory points) and kill 4 aliens. On the other hand the aliens managed to collect 2 human trophies (2 victory points).

Black Org.Aliens

Big win for Black Org.! But what’s their plan? Stay tuned for the next battle report of Space Weirdos.

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