Frostgrave The Silent Tower

Brawl at the Silent Tower

In their quest for power, secrets and riches, the mages Fizban and Arthrose meet yet again in old Felstad. Both were lured by rumors of arcane secrets lying dormant in the old laboratory of Wigruman the pale, an archmage of old Felstad.
His lab is known by the many explorers of Felstad as the “silent tower”. A null field of unknown origin lingered over the tower, thus the name, making the use of magic utterly impossible.
When both parties arrived at the tower, they were amazed to see, that they were not the first to try to access the tower. Other explorer and soldiers of fortune already build scaffolds and access ramps leading up to the tower. But something must have gone wrong , since the tower seems unbroken…
First both mages could not believe their luck. An unopened lab and the means to access it… But soon they realized, that the nullfield extended itself along the scaffold and walkways to the neighboring buildings, annihilating the mages’ capacity to wreck havoc among the opposing warband.

Thus begins another game of Frostgrave: The Silent Tower

The laboratory of Wigruman the pale, commonly known as the “silent tower” still stands tall in the ruins of old Felstad. Many an explorer tried to access it’s many secrets… but only the signs of their excavations remain these days.
Fizban leads his warband closer to the tower… aware that his magic is worth naught, he chooses to remain in the rear, while his new henchman Bobby Baggles oogles at pockets to pick.

Two enter, how many do leave?

Since their magic has become obsolete, both mages must now rely on their “loyal” warbands. Ironically, in an age, when the arcane arts have become the go-to-method of solving problems, both mages have to rely on the mundane, worldy and un-magic warriors and their proficiency for brute force.

Of all of Fizbans warriors, Pritt, the captain, seems the most eager to finally shed some blood.
Rudolf Gutrechtson and Thimothé the candle-making ork head out into the ruins, looking for loot and trouble.

foes and fauna of old Felstad

Arthrose himself realises that the ruins around the tower are far from empty, as he was attacked not only by the undead, but also by an imp, that summoned by Fizban. He was forced to retreat to a somewhat intact building and tried to make his stand in the doorway. Inside his own henchmen were already looking for treasure, unaware that their leader needed assistance…
Another evil lurked in the ruins… a ghoulish nightmare from the old days (aka the 1980es)…
Ruby, a bowman…bowwoman(?)… was caught unawares by the ghoul and only barely escaped with her life…
A wandering bear thinks that the stoic dwarf is a tasty snack…

As both warbands ventured closer to the tower and looted many treasures, other inhabitants of the ruins felt somewhat disturbed by the intruders. The weird, the undead and the hungry start stalking our brave warbands.

the silent tower demands blood…

As Pritt and other members rush to the tower, they notice that they have been outplayed by Arthroses merry fighters. Chastity and Sir Naith were heading for the towers main door and Jaz’Minh, the elven captain, was already climbing the second tier of the tower.
Sir Naith and Chastity, the woman at arms, managed to barricade the main entrance and fend of any attacks. Thus Jaz’Minh, their captain, could reach the top of the tower and loot its treasures.
The fight escalated quickly to a major brawl and soldier after soldier was struck down. But Pritt and his fighters were to late. The door was firmly bolted and Jaz’Minh escaped with the treasures through another exit.

In the end

Far of the main action, a lone thug tries to escape some dire rats…

As the skirmish neared its end, most of the fighters were down or managed to leave the area with some treasure.
Although Fizbans men managed to knock out more oppenents, Arthroses warband could claim more treasures.
Sadly , the expected treasures were only slightly magic items. After careful examination, Arthrose concluded, that the nullfield must have soaked up most of the items magic energy…
The fight left two, Chastity and Sir Naith, badly wounded and shed little treasure.

Thus ends another encounter in the frozen wastes of ancient Felstad set in the fantastical setting of Frostgrave.

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